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What To Expect

The following information is for you to understand what you can expect from me. If you have any questions about it or if you have special requests please let me know. I am here to do whatever you desire for the video, but I also feel like it’s a good idea to offer some of my thoughts based on experience.


First of all, what I will be recording is a live event. Unlike a photo shoot, there are no
second takes. There are no do-overs in case of equipment malfunction, or if someone stands up and blocks the view of the kiss, etc… I do everything in my power to ensure every detail is captured in a way that you’ll be happy. It’s just reality that something may go wrong and it’s important to understand the nature of videoing a live event.


Second, I make every attempt to reproduce the audio and video in the highest quality possible. Sometimes ceremonies or receptions are dimly lit, so the quality of recording is not perfect. Even with sophisticated technology, the quality of the final product may be reduced. Outdoor events are especially tricky…the angle of the sun, moving clouds creating shadows, wind noise, noises from nature will all be factors to be mindful of. It’s just the way it is.  With all the risks listed above, be assured I make every attempt to minimize and/or adjust for the situations in order for you to be pleased with the final product.


One camera will be mounted on a tripod near the back. This will capture everything
from a wide angle. Unless there is a balcony or some other way to keep people away
from the camera, there may an occasional instance of someone briefly blocking the
camera. With a second camera, I will move around as discretely as possible near the
back capturing close-ups (using zoom) of the bride and groom, the minister, and other participants. The two camera views will be edited together with smooth transitions (single camera and no editing for Package #2). Wedding guests will probably not be focused on intentionally unless you state you’d like a pan of the crowd or specific footage of certain guests. I generally do not stand at the front except to capture the wedding processional, especially the bride coming down the aisle. If you prefer something else, please let me know. I will use one camera to capture the important events at the reception, including things like the bridal party entrance, any toasts or speeches, special dances, cake cutting, garter and bouquet toss, and the send-off. I also spend some time capturing additional footage of guests as they eat, mingle, dance, etc… Please let me know if you have anything else specific that you want to make sure is captured.


Getting Ready/Pictures
I am available to capture moments of the bridal party getting ready (hair, makeup,
getting dressed, etc), close-ups of the rings, or special decorations or special moments shared between family or friends. Sometimes these clips can make a nice addition to the highlight montage video that is included in Package #1. Just let me know if you’d like any of that. Also, a popular thing now is the “First Look” where the groom gets to see the bride for the first time in a private way. This sometimes is a nice moment to capture on video and I’m happy to do it, just let me know when and where it will happen. Also if you want footage of the pictures being taken, that is also included. Just let me know when and where.


Many videographers will have a limit on how many hours are included in their service
and then charge a lot for additional time. My price is good for the whole day so you
don’t have to worry about “going over your time limit”. However, if you tell me up front that you want footage of the bridal party getting ready starting at 9am and then the reception isn’t over until midnight, with the total time being more than 12 hours, I will charge an additional $25 per half hour. What you enter for the Service Agreement start and end times on page 4 will be the agreed upon hours.


DVD copies
Many videography services will charge you $25 or more for extra copies of the DVDs.  This does not make any sense to me, since a blank disk costs a few dollars at the most and it doesn’t really cost extra to burn copies. I include up to 5 copies of DVDs and extra copies are $5 each.




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